June 7th, 2007: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Chris White and I set out this morning, heading east as the convection went up earlier and east-er than we expected. The cells were just moving too fast to keep up with as advertised. Our best opportuntity came when we a cell got away from us around Black River Falls and we caught a nice adar signature coming up from LaCross. This is one of the cells that produced a number of tornadoes. We saw some nice motion go by in Tomah, and then followed it. With storm motions moving 60-80 MPH, we were not able to see anything that happened afterward with the trees.

We called the chase off in Wisconsin Rapids, where large hail and a tornado had been reported. There was a lot of hail on the ground, we mesaured many at 2.75 inches. Lots of cars with windows broken out. We're now on our way home.

Here's a pic of the hail in Winconsin Rapids.

Miles: 250?

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- Tony Perkins