May 21st, 2008: Burlington, CO

Our crew of 5 left Minneapolis, MN very early this morning and arrived in NE CO near Burlington by mid afternoon. We arrived in the town just before the towers began to go up, and we were able to watch it go from a puff of cumulus to the high based LP supercell it became. It looked great on radar, and had a nice tilted updraft with a saucer base, but it never had a chance of producing a tornado. For a bonus travel day with low expectations, we go more than we anticipated.

This was also by far my longest chase day ever, logging 1145 miles today.
Video time lapse of the long supercell going up. It looks like the picture, nothing spectacular expect for the length of it:

Still pictures form the day:

This is one of the only pics I have of myself over 4 seasons of chases

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- Tony Perkins