July 7th, 2008: Twin Cities, MN

Today started with the idea of going to Iowa around 2:30 PM after work, but storms were already well ongoing at that time there. I drove to the south of the metro before coming to my senses and heading back northwest towards a new isolates mini cell that was popping up west of the metro. I then sat along I-94 between home and St Cloud watching lots of towers going up but with nothing becoming established. Eventually a storm got going near St Cloud, so I headed that way an observed the shelf there. I followed it back to the cities, often getting overtaken. But the real show started once I hit Anoka near home off of Hwy 10. Storms were starting to go up over the metro (to my south), and the structure was great. After dark, I shot a series of pictures of the lightning with the DSLR and assembled them into a video. The planes darting out of the airport is a nice touch, and this was my gem of the day.

Hires Lightning Timelapse Video:

Preview of lightning video:

Video of daytime clouds in a time lapse. Also includes above lightning video, but at a smaller resolution:

Other stills:

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- Tony Perkins