July 11th, 2008: Monticello, MN

After not wanting to chase up in tree/lake country, I gave in when the parameters looked too good to pass up, and that the action could be fruther south along I-94 too. I ended up by Randall, MN south of the warned cells, but never caught up to anything except some lowerings and scud. From there it was a race back SE to stay in front of the line. Much fruther to the SE, tornado reports from near Wilmar started to come in. If only I had headed that direction initally and not had time to head north from 94! Back near home on I-94 in Monticello, there was nice mammatus on the front of the anvil, though poorly lit, so I let the line pass me in order to get some back anvil sunset pictures. I was blasted with a lot of wind, one being a 65 MPH gust (couresty Nick Elms who was a few feet away). After waiting for another hour or so, the mammatus finally came alive.


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- Tony Perkins